Research areas and interests

My interests range from large-scale questions of climate sensitivity, atmosphere-ocean-ice sheet dynamics and paleoclimates to process-type questions such as the interpretation of ice core isotope records. I have thus worked with atmosphere-ice sheet interactions, polar amplification of climate change and simple and intermediate models of the atmosphere-ocean system as well as stable water isotopes and the statistics of the relationship between deposition and ice core signals. The main tools are general circulation models (GCMs) and regional climate models (RCMs).




Remote Sensing


Additional information


for Journal of Climate, Geophysical Research Letters, Climate Dynamics and Climate of the Past; on ICARP II (International Conference on Arctic Research Planning, Nov 2005) Working Group 9 report and various international grant applications for funding agencies.


150+ hours of lectures and exercise classes. Course responsible in meteorology and climate courses such as “Physics of the climate system”, “Atmospheric thermodynamics” and “Geophysical fluid dynamics”. Co-organizer of 3 PhD summer schools. Supervisor for 7 MSc-projects and 7 BSc projects, and co-supervisor for 2 PhD projects.

Field work:

Ice core drilling: Central Greenland, NEEM project 2008 (1 month), Northeast Greenland, Flade Isblink 2006 (1 month). Oceanographic cruises: Arctic Ocean, I/B Kapitan Dranitsyn 2005 (1 month), North Atlantic, R/V Poseidon 2002 (2 weeks)