55 climate scientists meet next week at DMI to discuss the implications of a 2°C warmer world, when the 3rd General Assembly of the EU-FP7 project, IMPACT2C, is held at DMI from 27th-30th October.

What is actually the impact of a global warming of 2 degrees? IMPACT2C brings together climate modelers with impacts modelers and thus includes the entire chain of climate change research from performing simulations of the future climate to estimating the impacts, which these climate changes will have on e.g. air pollution, health issues and sea level rise, as well as different socio-economic impacts. The main area of focus for this project is Europe, but also areas as Bangladesh and the Maldives, as especially vulnerable areas, are considered in the project. Much of the outcome of the science conducted in IMPACT2C will be conveyed to policymakers through policy papers,  as for example this note – Policy Briefing Note 1 – which provides a summary of the initial findings of the project and  discussion around five key questions that are relevant in the context of the 2°C goal.

See the IMPACT2C project website here.

The increase in seasonal temperature (from 1971–2000) across Europe at 2°C ofglobal average warming. From Policy Briefing Note 1.