DMI part of new climate research project

The Nordic research council NordForsk has announced
support for a new research project, with DMI as a key partner:

The eSACP project is led by Thordis Thorarinsdottir, Norwegian Computing
Center and also includes the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the
Norwegian Meteorological Institute, the Technical University of Denmark
and the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, Norway. The project lasts
three years and has a total budget of about 4 million NOK.

The project will focus on statistical analysis of climate projections. The
motivation behind the project is the growing recognition in our society
that forecasts of future climate change is associated with various sources
of uncertainty and that any long-term planning and decision-making
dependent on a changing climate must account for this. The eSACP project
"Statistical analysis of climate projections" will develop a generic
eScience tool that allows decision-makers and scientists from all fields
to properly account for the inherent uncertainty when performing climate
impact analyses and developing adaptation strategies. The new tool
will include functionality to utilize the extensive and dynamically
growing repositories of data, state-of-the-art statistical techniques
to quantify the uncertainty and innovative approaches to visualize the
results. Such a tool will not only be valuable for future assessments
but will also assist the scientific community in making more clearly its
case on the consequences of our changing climate to policy makers and
the general public.

The research team at DMI leads one of the workpackages in eSACP, and the
contribution to the project will be in the areas of data-availability
and the establishment and testing of methods for reading multi-variate
data. But they will also contribute to validation of models and to
methods for statistical evaluation of extremes.