John Cappelen, Senior Climatologist, MSc, Data Management Specialist, Project leader, Science writer, Editor

Experience and areas of interest

December 1984 – :

Climatology; international experience.

More detailed it is the management/interpretation/assessment/development of climatological data, operated at DMI, in the kingdom of Denmark (Denmark, The Faroe Islands and Greenland), including various kinds of Public Relations in the field of climatology, web-activities and international activities.  

International activities: 

1987-1997: Project Leader/Data Management Specialist in “North Atlantic Climatological Dataset” (NACD) - a co-operation between National Meteorological Institutes concerning long climatological dataseries from the North Atlantic Area. 

1990s: Senior climatologist in “Ghana Environmental Ressources Management Project/Environmental Information System Development” (GERMP/EISD). Enhancing capabilities of the sectoral agency [MSD] to provide co-ordinated and reliable information in the field of environmental management. Twinning activities DMI/MSD to strengthen the capability to manage, maintain and update a computerised database of climatic information at the MSD. 

1999: External reviewer of the TOR regarding the meteorological component in the GERMP/EISD- project. 

1997-2004: Data Management Specialist/Senior climatologist in DANIDA project “Water Resources Information Services” (WRIS/MSD) in Ghana. Rehabilitation of the meteorological information produced by MSD. 

2000-2005: Senior Consultant at the Latvian Hydrometeorological Agency supported by the Danish Energy Agency. Development of an operational system for monitoring degree-days in Latvia. 

2009-2013: Project leader/Senior climatologist in Twinning activities between Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) and Zambia Meteorological Department (ZMD). At the initiative of the Royal Danish Embassy in Zambia, DMI helped ZMD to address the challenges at the ZMD in climate monitoring/modelling as well as in the dissemination of weather/climate products. 

2013-2014: Met consultancy services for the national water sector reform studies for Gambia.

2013-2014: Senior Climatologist (expert help from DMI desk) in climate adaption project in West Africa.


Science communication activities:

See below. The publications list is occasionally updated and may therefore be incomplete. Only the latest regularly updated historical data collections (updated every year) are shown in the section "Reports". Links to the full range of DMI reports and data, free of charge to use and download can be found in the publication part of DMI web pages.

Additional information

Since 1990 chief editor of the Danish Meteorological Magazine “Vejret” published by the Danish Meteorological Society

Wide experience in lectures, articles and editoring concerning weather and climate both on a popular and scientific basis.