Presentation by Velle Toll: "Aerosol direct radiative effect during summer 2010 wildfires in Russia simulated with NWP model HARMONIE."

Date: 1 October 2014
Time: 10.15 to 10.45
Place: Daneborg, DMI
Contact: Kristian Pagh Nielsen

Abstract: The aerosol direct radiative effects during the Russian wildfires in summer 2010 have been simulated the with numerical weather prediction (NWP) model HARMONIE using external aerosol data from the atmospheric chemical transport model SILAM and MACC IFS reanalyses. The simulated decrease in downwelling shortwave radiation is more than 200 W/m2 and the decrease in near ground air temperature more than 3 °C, strongly influencing atmospheric conditions near the surface. During the intense wildfire period on August 8, 2010, a severe derecho-type thunderstorm swept over the Baltic countries and Finland. The modelling results suggest that the thunderstorm was weakened through the direct radiative effect. This modelling study serves as an example of a situation, where considering the influence of aerosols in NWP is important.