Research Seminar by Per Berg

Source code modernization

Date: 31.03.2016

Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Place: Nordlys, DMI

Contact: Cathrine Fox Maule

Per Berg, Jacob Weismann Poulsen, Karthik Raman (Intel): "Source code modernization"

We try to follow the evolution trend of modern hardware and explore the possibilities and limitations this poses on us wrt how our model source codes. I.e. we attempt to
uncover what can we realistically expect from hardware vendors and from software vendors that can help us in achieving portable performance, and what we as developers need to do ourselves. 
There are naturally questions related to the required  source modernization, that is, when should we do it, what we do, and how should we do it?
We will demonstrate where we are with the HBM code.