Talk: Sergey Ivanov: Recent aerosol feedback studies with HARMONIE

Date: 8 October 2014
Time: 14.00 to 14.30
ContactAlexander Mahura

Description: Sergey Ivanov from Odessa State Environmental University (Odessa, Ukraine) is currently visiting CMM on a short term scientific mission at DMI supported by the EuMetChem COST Action ES1004. The topic of the talk is “Recent aerosol feedback studies with HARMONIE.”
Abstract: The presence of aerosols in the atmosphere causes different effects on weather, climate and still keeps many unresolved aspects. Non-linear interactions between weather phenomena, in particular, precipitation, radiation and aerosols need to be additionally highlighted. To investigate features of the atmosphere sensitivity to aerosols the Harmonie model was used. Numerical experiments with modifications in aerosol concentrations were performed over two domains. The first covers a large area over North Atlantic, Europe and Sahara (AQMEII project) with a coarse resolution (25 km), while the second one is the Finland domain of high resolution (2.5 km). A direct effect of aerosols associates with changes in both radiation processes and precipitation formation, which bring a chain of interactions within atmospheric dynamics. A land aerosol increases the albedo mainly in the lower atmospheric layer. Higher up, the effect of the land aerosol on the shortwave radiation toward the surface is diminished in comparison to a marine aerosol.