Nemo-Nordic: A NEMO based ocean model for Baltic & North Seas, research and operational applications

We present Nemo-Nordic, a Baltic & North Sea ocean model based on the NEMO ocean engine, and that uses the full potential of a community and open-source toolbox. Nemo-Nordic is a model intended to come as a tool that combines forecasting and long term simulation capacities: research on ocean processes, climate, biogeochemistry and operational oceanography are done with the same model. The scientific and technical choices within Nemo-Nordic will be introduced. Further, the short term capabilities of Nemo-Nordic will be presented, its capabilities to represent sea level on a hourly timescale with a high degree of accuracy, and its performance with sea ice representation. We also show that the model can represent longer time scales, especially the thermo-haline dynamics of the North Sea and that of the Baltic Sea, without correction nor data assimilation. Finally, several examples of research works based on Nemo-Nordic will be presented.

Date 15 June, 2017

Time 11:00-12:00

Place Nordlys, DMI