Presentation by Svetlana Losa (Alfred Wegner Institute)

When: Friday 19 Dec 11-12
Where: former ice charting room (under the roof in the west wing), DMI
Contact: Ole Krarup Leth


Developing an ensemble based Data Assimilation System for an operational forecasting system of the North and Baltic Seas.

The circulation model operated by the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic 

Agency has been recently augmented by an ensemble-based data assimilation system. 

We discuss some aspects of the implementation of a Kalman-type filtering, coded within the Parallel Data Assimilation Framework, for assimilating NOAA's 

satellite sea surface temperature (SST) and in situ T and  S observations. 

In particular, we show how a  proper approximation of the model and data 

error statistics allows to improve the system's forecasting skills.