Research Seminar - Ole B. Christensen

Date: 2 October 2014
Time: 11.00 to 12.00
Place: Nordlys, DMI
Contact: Cathrine Fox Maule

Abstract: There is no doubt that a world with an average temperature 6 degrees above pre-industrial climate will be very different from what we currently know; but what will it look like? With the help of a simulation with the ECEARTH global model, downscaled over Europe with the regional climate model HIRHAM5 in 25 km grid point distance, we investigate such a climate.

Through a complementary analysis of CMIP5 GCM results we also study the time at which such a condition may be reached. One simulation is normally insufficient for a robust analysis of climate change effects. Therefore some work is devoted to an analysis of the extent to which various climate parameters exhibit pattern scaling, i.e. that the change in the relevant parameters is proportional to the change in global temperature. We analyse simulations with the same regional model under weaker climate change, and examine whether the 6-degree simulation scales the same way as these simulations.